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The best guarantee of the quality, experience, professionalism and honesty – in a word: RJ Laser Equipment for Vets !

High quality solutions of advanced laser medicine technology for cold laser therapy and laser acupuncture.

RJ Laser is since 1982 the one of leading producers of low level laser equipment (LLLT, cold laser, soft laser) worldwide.

RJ laser therapy devices offer therapy solutions for conventional and complementary, holistic treatment as modern ear acupuncture/auricular medicine and body acupuncture.

RJ laser devices (LLLT, cold laser) work with the intelligent RJ therapy software for highest precision, safety and bio-functional therapy information. The RJ therapy software plus the microprocessor control enables precise programming of all important functions, giving you the flexibility to apply the latest research results.

We offer professional Vet Laser Equipment to choose from depending upon your needs and budget – PHYSIOLASER OLYMPIC, LASERPEN, HANDYLASER

We offer not only modern Vet Laser Devices but also professional courses and training in veterinary laser therapy and laser acupuncture.

RJ-Laser GmbH is certified ISO 13485:2003 and OEM producer.

We have USA FDA approval (510 K) for Handylaser trion, Handylaser sprint, LaserPen, Physiolaser olympic, Polylaser trion.

RJ Laser is member of World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT), North American Association for Light Therapy (NAALT), International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS).




CE-certificate-production laser biostymulacyjny Physiolaser certyfikat