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Mobile spot lasers

Reimers & Janssen provides the compact LaserPen series for the spot irradiation of small and medium-sized areas of skin with a mobile hand-held device. All designs are equipped with a display and push buttons directly on top of the housing.

LaserPen Standard & LaserPen Practice

The entry-level Standard model comes with a continuous wave program, while the Practice model has 17 other therapy programs, including therapy frequencies per Nogier and the basic Bahr frequencies.

LaserPen Expert

This is an expert-class laser with over 60 therapy programs divided into six program groups. It includes all current Bahr frequencies and meridian frequencies per Reininger. Available as a continuous wave laser in four power classes:

  • LaserPen CW 70 mW (model 131) max 70 mW, 785 nm (infrared)
  • LaserPen CW 200 mW (model 132) max 200 mW, 810 nm (infrared)
  • LaserPen CW 200 mW (model 133) max 50 mW, 655 nm (infrared)
  • LaserPen CW 500 mW (model 134) max 500 mW, 810 nm (infrared)
  • LaserPen CW 150 mW (model 136) max 150 mW, 638 nm (red)

LaserPen Impulse

The pulse versions emit extremely short and powerful pulses of light.

  • LaserPen Expert Impulse (model 135) max 40 W, 904 nm (infrared)
  • LaserPen Impulse (model 138) max 10 W, 904 nm (infrared)

LaserPen – Delivery contents

  • LaserPen
  • Model 130, 131, 132, 134, 137 with quartz tip attachment Ø 4 mm
  • Model 136 with angled dental wand Ø 8 mm and adapter for disposable attachments
  • Plug for safety lock
  • Charging station
  • 2 pairs of laser protective eyewear, model SPERIAN 3199-21160RJ, 405 + 635-904 nm
  • Power adapter FRIWO FW 7555M/05
  • Warning sign “Laser Radiation” acc. to IEC 60825-1
  • Medical device book
  • Case