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RJ Laser – a one-time investment with long-term returns

Implementation of the latest technology enabled the realization of compact, mobile devices with large range of functions as well as maximum power and frequency precision.

Depending on the model, the RJ laser devices (PHYSIOLASER OLYMPIC, LASERPEN) are pre-programmed or free programmable – you can configure your individual therapy protocols or may use our comprehensive therapy programs.

RJ Laser can work alongside other treatment modalities to maximize effectiveness.

Treatments can be safely and easily applied by veterinary technicians or staff to free up the valuable time of veterinarians.

RJ-Laser – Physiolaser olympic – Plug & Play – enjoy professional laser therapy without limit

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The Physiolaser Olympic has comprehensive functions. It is easy to use even for beginners. The Starter kit comes with a special price. It is also made for high-duty laser therapy as well as Laser Resonance Therapy. It has been used in all LLLT fields (human, veterinary medicine, and odontology) for modern body and ear acupuncture as well as with a laser needle, the LightNeedle.

Compared to other laser devices on the market, the Physiolaser has more to offer. It also features a modular three-channel system: two channels for a multi-cluster probe or laser probe and one is for diagnostic probes.

RJ-Laser – LaserPen – - strong and multi-functional

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The LaserPen is a compact, highly versatile instrument that comes in both Practice and Expert Modes. Depending upon the frequency program selected and the type of probe tip used, this device can be used for anything from acupuncture to dental surgery to sports medicine applications. It is especially useful when away from a medical facility, such as at a sports facility or for home visits. The LaserPen can operate either in a continuous beam mode or at any of a large number of pre-programmed frequencies, including NOGIER frequencies, BAHR frequencies, and Chakra and Meridian frequencies, depending upon the intended application.

The standard operating configuration of the LaserPen is 785nm at 70 mW. Other wavelengths and power ranges are available e.g. 810 nm/200-500 mW (infrared), 638 nm/150 mW (red) or 904 nm/40 W pulse width 200 nsec. The LaserPen operates on two supplied NiMHd chargeable batteries.

RJ-Laser – Handylaser Sprint

Designed to provide power injection for fast and easy therapy, the Handylaser sprint boasts ergonomic design resulting in a more comfortable work process. The Handylaser sprint offers unmatched precision, easy and robust handling, with deep penetrations with short treatment times. The Handylaser sprint ships with an extensive list of features to include continuous beam, automatic energy timer, 10 Hz Alpha frequency and timer control.

The Handylaser sprint is offers flexibility and portability and can be placed in any location and applications to include sports medicine, physiotherapy, home visits, and odontology among others. The Handylaser sprint comes with NiMHd rechargeable batteries that are of high quality, which are good for four hours of continuous and charge rather quickly.