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Physiolaser Olympic

RJ-Laser – Physiolaser olympic – Plug & Play – enjoy professional laser therapy without limit

veterinary laser PHYSIOLASER-OLYMPIC

The Physiolaser offers more than any other laser device on the market

The Physiolaser is a modular three channel system: It offers two channels for a single laser probe or a multi-cluster probe (e.g. 5×30 W superpulse) and one channel for diagnostic probes.

The new Physiolaser olympic can be used in all areas of LLLT and biostimulation/biomodulation. It is designed for modern laser therapy, acupuncture + auriculo medicine.

The touch screen offers easy operation and fast selection of proven therapeutic biofrequencies:

  • NOGIER, high potency up to 18688 Hz
  • BAHR 1, high potency up to 38368 Hz
  • BAHR 2
  • Meridian frequencies
  • Chakra frequencies
  • All REININGER frequencies
  • Free frequency selection and much more

Many special frequency combinations and therapy programs available.

Important: Slot for SD memory card to easily upgrade and service the Physiolaser olympic.

Physiolaser Olympic – Fits in one hand, made for mobile operation with rechargeable battery, versatile and easy to operate.

You can use two laser probes simultaneously (single/cluster) and a diagnostic probe in addition (point and organ measurement). The laser and diagnostic probes offer the highest level of function with display and buttons for one-hand operation (e.g. for RAC).

Available attachments for the Physiolaser system: (click to enlarge):



Delivery contents:

  • Main unit
  • power supply
  • safety goggles
  • warning sign
  • therapy manual
  • technical manual
  • safety lock
  • key
  • carrying case.

Optional: Probes, applicators

Physiolaser in baglasery