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Your rj-laser for veterinary


The RJ laser therapy system is based on more than 30 years of experience in development and production of medical laser devices (LLLT, low level laser / cold laser).

RJ laser therapy for biostimulation / biomodulation, for the widest range of applications, for points (with single probe or laser needle) and for large surfaces (multi-cluster probe, scanner).

Implementation of the latest technology enabled the realization of compact, mobile devices with large range of functions as well as maximum power and frequency precision.

Depending on the model, the RJ laser devices are pre-programmed or free programmable – you can configure your individual therapy protocols or may use our comprehensive therapy programs.

Treatments & applications for great and small


With our holisitc and non-invasive therapeutic approach we achieve best healing results in 90% of our cases and this even for very severe conditions. Combining both, reflective and local therapy, will create best therapeutic results, therefore RJ offers a complete laser therapy system.

RJ laser devices provide specific settings and therapy programs for the complementary treatment methods as body and ear acupuncture e.g. meridian frequencies acc. to REININGER, therapy frequencies acc. to NOGIER etc. RJ laser devices enable the therapit to perform Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture.

Laser therapy for horses


Low level laser therapy and laser acupuncture with RJ laser devices – a modern way to treat eguine without the risk of injury or discomfort. Non invasive – non side effects – highly effective – save.

In the equine field, low level laser has been successfully used to treat

For animal owners

animal-ownersYou can help your pet heal with therapy laser. In some cases LLLT can also be performed by the pet owner at home or in stable.

Training courses – laser therapy/ laser acupuncture

animal-ownersWe offer not only modern Vet Lasers but also professional courses and training in laser therapy and laser acupuncture.